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Mobile Home Community
Mobile Home Community
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Investing in Mobile Home Parks:
Why it Works


Well-researched investments

Founders Brett Bowman and Ryan Hill are both well-versed in traditional real estate. As they progressed in their careers, they began researching and deciding to invest in mobile home communities. They both concluded that multifamily commercial investments have the potential for a higher return on investment than traditional real estate. By the time they bought their first mobile home community, they had 4 years of research to draw from and trusted mentors to rely on. They continue their extensive research as they acquire experience and expand their network.

Sourced with strict metrics

Abiding by 3 main criteria has led Suncrest Capital to consistently choose profitable communities. We exclusively purchase mobile home communities in close proximity to metro areas with:
  • Population 100k+
  • Median income $40k+
  • Median home prices $100k+

Experience brings better deals

As their investment portfolio, network, and investor capital have grown, brokers have trusted them with larger payoff off-market deals that bring higher cash flow potential.

Stabilize Communities

Passive investors like you give the resources needed to stabilize communities - especially those communities with a great need for infill. Without your investments, we would not have the means to purchase and rehabilitate those communities that need us the most.

We provide Rent-to-Own incentives

Communities with residents who rent-to-own generate more cash flow than those with community-owned homes. When the residents feel the pride of ownership, they take control of the maintenance and aesthetics of their homes. Suncrest Capital is free to put dollars it would have spent on community-owned homes into maintaining beautiful communities.

The work to stabilize communities pays off

As we infill the vacant lots of park, the property value can increase as much as $55k depending on the lot rent.

Safe, desirable homes

We make mobile home parks desirable places to live. Improved infrastructure and aesthetics coupled with strict resident standards increase safety and produce an environment people take pride in coming home to.
  • Based on the specific community’s needs, we replace roads, perfect landscaping, update sewer, and water lines, install new lights and school bus shelters, and maintain general beautification.
  • We conduct strict resident background checks, credit checks, and employment verification for everyone 18+. NO sex offenders or felons.

People need quality affordable housing

This bottom line affects our bottom line. Affordable housing is harder and harder to find but with your investment, we are able to provide this commodity and provide you with a passive income.
Mobile Home Park Investments
Mobile Home Park Investments

How to Invest in Mobile Home Parks

There is always the option to go it alone. You can research and find a mobile home community to invest in all on your own. Personally, we have found that option to be highly taxing.

Please accept our invitation to instead partner with Suncrest Capital for creating steady return passive income. Here’s why:

  • Our research, experience, and large investment portfolio with mobile home communities give us access to the best deals with the best cash flow opportunity.
  • You can’t be in two places at once. We as partners will balance each other and become a team to find success for all parties. We rely on you as a passive real estate investor for increased resources and use those resources to acquire and reposition mobile home parks.
  • We have the organizational system in place -including trusted managers, contractors, financing, and other resources - already streamlining the optimization of these communities.
  • When you make this lower risk/steady reward passive investment with us you can use all your extra time to research and invest your returns into other ventures.


Contact us today to get started in increased cash flow with steady investments while supporting quality affordable safe housing for residents in mobile home parks.