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Episode 234: Mobile Home Investing with Brett Bowman| Podcast Episode

Gold Collar Investor

The Gold Collar Investor 

Episode 216: Elementary School Principal to Owning Mobile Home & RV Park Communities | Podcast Episode
The Road Less Traveled Interview

The Road Less Traveled Show

Episode #97 Featuring Brett Bowman | Podcast Episode
Raising the Bar For Mobile Home Communities Podcast

FTW Investments | Invest For The Win

Raising the Bar for Mobile Home Communities with Ryan Hill and Brett Bowman – Episode 9 | Podcast Episode
Real Estate Risk Report Podcast

Real Estate Risk Report

Episode 107: Investing in Manufactured Housing Communities, with Brett Bowman and Ryan Hill | Podcast Episode
Podcast Panel Discussion

Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast | Ferd Neimann

Ep. 121 | Discussion on Growing Pains | Podcast Episode
The Real Estate Raw Podcast

The Real Estate Raw Show | Joe Mendoza

The Real Estate Raw Show: Ryan Hill, Brett Bowman and Joe Mendoza | Podcast Episode
Mobile Home Podcast

Mobile Home Park Lawyer Podcast | Ferd Neimann

Ep. 101 | Interview With MHP Owners Ryan Hill and Brett Bowman How To Build a Team to Scale | Podcast Episode

Mobile Home Parks in Real Life | Ryan Narus

How to Keep Your W2 & Grow a MHP Portfolio: Interview of Ryan Hill | Podcast Episode

Passive Mobile Home Park Investing | Andrew Keel

Interview with Ryan Hill and Brett Bowman of Suncrest Capital | Podcast Episode

The Real Estate Syndication Show | Whitney Sewell

WS1380: Skills and Systems for Scaling Brett Bowman | Podcast Episode
Podcast 0 to 600

Wealth Matters Podcast | Alpesh Parmar

Podcast 275: 0 to 600+ units in 2 years with Brett Bowman and Ryan Hill | Podcast Episode
Real Grit Podcast

Real Grit Podcast | Neil J. Timmins

Podcast 083: 0-600 Mobile Home Pads in 2 years with Brett Bowman| Podcast Episode
Podcast Brett Bowman and Sam Wilson

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate | Sam Wilson

Episode 710: Developing Systems and Doubling Down on Partnerships| Podcast Episode
Podcast Devin Elder and Brett Bowman

The DJE Multifamily Podcast | Devin Elder

Podcast 190: The DJE Multifamily Podcast #190 with Brett Bowman| Podcast Episode