Mobile Home Parks Investing
in Rapid City, SD

A mobile home park investment is a niche opportunity that many have missed by not recognizing the significant returns it can generate. Our economy is fraught with inflated real estate prices and a rocky at best employment trend. This coupled with a decline in the development of new mobile home communities has led to a low supply and high demand for affordable housing.

The common misconception of mobile home communities is that they are less than desirable trailer parks for rent, but we create a new reality for our tenants in which they have the chance of home ownership. We take mobile home parks that have unmet potential and use proven processes to update the infrastructure, beautify the grounds, and overall create a community that the residents are proud to call home.

  • We increase safety by requiring background checks for our residents.
  • We rehabilitate infrastructure which reduces operating expenses.
  • We increase the unit count by creating additional lots on the property.
  • We upgrade the area with landscaping and maintenance crews.  

Suncrest Capital was established to extend our reach for helping communities to become thriving neighborhoods, and provide a way to share the profitable investment returns with our partners.

As the parks are upgraded, more lots are infilled and the value of the entire community rises. We slowly raise rent prices to meet the current market rate, but we make the changes gradually in a way that respects the residents' financial situations.  The parks become profitable endeavors and our syndicate investors see passive income streams roll in.

Long-Term Investment Strategy for Passive Income Streams

Ryan Hill and Brett Bowman have created an opportunity for passive income sources by buying up mobile home parks for sale using investment capital from valued investors. Each mobile home park becomes part of a long-term investment for building generational wealth while improving pride of ownership for residents of these communities.

These communities become profitable investments for three key reasons:

Tax Benefits - Our investors have access to unique advantages because of the classification of mobile home parks. There are deductions, depreciation benefits, and reduced tax liabilities which increase net income.

Built-in Appreciation - Infilling vacant and new lots in the communities brings a greater volume of paying tenants. Improving the overall quality of the community increases the demand and therefore the rent prices naturally rise. This adds up to an increased net operating income.

Diversified Investment Portfolio - Mobile home parks are outside the typical box for real estate investing. These communities are less impacted by market spikes and valleys, and they provide affordable housing whether the economy is strong or tanking.

As an investment partner, you will not have to spend your time buying mobile homes to rent out, you will come into an established system with a strong community selection process, brokerage, property managers, and grounds crews.  Your time can be spent on other interests as you reap the financial rewards of the tax benefits, appreciation, and a diversified portfolio.

Our presence in Rapid City, SD, is just beginning and we invite you to partner with Suncrest Capital on the ground floor. Contact us today at investors@suncrestcap.com for more information about this passive investment opportunity.