Mobile Home Park Investment Strategy

in Kansas City, KS

Suncrest Capital is a company dedicated to more than developing cutting-edge investment strategies. We use investment capital as one of the ways to create passive income to benefit investors and simultaneously improve mobile home park communities. We are filling the genuine need for homes that people can be proud of in the midst of inflation and housing crises. 

We’ve developed processes with trusted property managers, updated utilities, and beautiful landscaping to update existing mobile home parks with the amenities they need to thrive. By partnering with us, you are helping to create a higher standard of living for residents in these neighborhoods while also receiving substantial passive income streams as a valued investor.

Ryan Hill and Brett Bowman look for very specific characteristics when they choose mobile home parks to add to their investment portfolio.

  • First, we look for excelling school districts. There is a trend showing that people choose to pay more for a home in order to be closer to high-performing schools. Especially as we look for communities near Kansas City, KS, we prioritize locations that have access to quality education.
  • Second, we assess the economic state of the residential market. It is important to invest in communities that provide opportunities for work. Without such, people can’t stay and as they move on, it is hard to maintain the net operating income. We choose parks only where we are satisfied with key economic markers.
  • Third, we track population trends. If a city has a population that is trending upward, the housing market rarely keeps up. When the housing demand increases, but the supply does not, prices can skyrocket and affordable housing is more necessary than ever.
  • Fourth, we explore the market. We gauge demand by looking at a city’s median income and how that compares to median housing prices. If we can offer a mobile home at a fraction of the price, we are offering a much-needed commodity. We also use social media platforms to gather survey information from actual residents to gain insight into how mobile home parks will be received in the area.
  • Finally, we determine rent pricing and infill potential. We make sure that the communities we purchase have a current lot rent price that is below market value. This way, as we upgrade amenities we can bring up monthly prices to a fair market value. We also choose sites in which we can realistically create and fill each of the lot spaces to ensure that the investment pays off. 

Invest in Mobile Home Parks to Generate Passive Income

Suncrest Capital leads the way in creating generational wealth from passive income streams gained through mobile home park investing in our LaCygne MHC Vine and Broadway locations.

In general, mobile home parks have too long received an undeserved stigma, and thus don’t have the same level of competition as other real estate investments. With low competition, this alternative long-term investment is becoming an asset for investors who are willing to take it on.

Between the tax advantages of being able to break down the assets into land, infrastructure, and goodwill, with the latter being depreciated over just one year, and other incentives such as the 1031 exchange, you will find as an investor that you have opened yourself up to a range of tax benefits.

Join Suncrest Capital today as a syndicate investor and take on a passive role to start receiving lower-risk steady returns as you actively add value to mobile home parks in Kansas City, KS.

contact us: investors@suncrestcap.com