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for Mobile Home Communities

Suncrest Capital mobile home investing partners, invest in affordable, commercial properties in growing markets. We add significant value to each property we acquire through quality property upgrades, infills, modernizing living spaces, and more.

Our mission is to create generational returns by fostering safe and attractive properties, where residents and business owners are proud to live and work.

We specialize in manufactured home and RV communities.

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About Suncrest Capital

Real Estate in Iowa and Missouri
Our team invests directly in the well-being of Mobile Home Communities and their residents near metro cities in Iowa, Missouri, and Idaho. As we expand, we rely on investment capital to support the mission of making these communities into havens where residents take pride in home ownership and beautiful neighborhoods. 
Real Estate Portfolio Area
Start your investment with Suncrest Capital today to create passive income for yourself and work towards building generational wealth for your family. Join us as we build traction with our growing investment portfolio.
Community Mobile Home
Mobile Home Communities and RV Parks are in a unique niche of real estate investment properties in a largely undiscovered and undervalued niche. Together we make a difference by giving residents of multi-family properties the ability to take pride in ownership of their upgraded, yet affordable, housing in these outstanding communities.

Founded in Boise, Idaho in 2020

Suncrest Capital is passionate about building generational wealth for investors and their families

Suncrest focuses on improving the quality of mobile home communities by adding additional homes, technology, and curb appeal, therefore, enhancing the lives of residents.

For example, residents in Suncrest Capital mobile home communities enjoy increased:
  • Safetythrough required background checks.
  • Functionality, through rehabilitated infrastructure, which increases value by reducing operating expenses.
  • Aestheticsthrough cosmetic upgrades and landscaping.
  • Unit count, by bringing new homes into the communities.

As our communities improve, vacant lots naturally infill which increases the overall value of the property. Together we increase affordable housing, add value, and recoup our costs by double.

We project that within 10 years, our investment partners will have doubled their original contributions through cash flow and appreciation.

Through these strategies, Suncrest dramatically increases the value of the community without impacting the cash flow of current residents. We are continually adding properties to our portfolio, most of which are located in Idaho and the Midwest.

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