Suncrest Capital invests in affordable, multi-family properties in growing markets. With each property we acquire, we add significant value through quality property upgrades, infill, modernizing living spaces, and more.

It is our mission to deliver generational returns by fostering safe and attractive properties, where residents and business owners are proud to live and work.

Specializing in Manufactured Home Communities

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Recession Resistant
MHCs have a long history of being affected far less than other asset classes in the past recessions. Long-term guaranteed leases create reliable revenue in MHCs during recessions because demand for affordable housing actually increases as the economy tightens.  MHCs have performed better than any real estate niche since COVID-19 swept the globe.
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Passive Income
Investors receive quarterly cash flow distributions, allowing them to buy more time with their families. The stable cash flow generated by MHCs reduces investor risk and ensures consistent and predictable passive income.

We only invest in assets with high projected cashflow. In addition to achieving a high internal rate of return, this cashflow also allows investors to compound their returns by reinvesting it. 

Asset 327
Significant Tax Benefit
The tax code favors real estate investors. MHCs in particular are remarkably tax-efficient since the majority of the purchase price can often be depreciated in the first year. Investing passively allows you to get the cash flow and tax benefits of owning real estate, without the headaches of being a landlord.
Asset 327
Best Risk Adjusted Returns
MHCs are expected to produce the best risk-adjusted return of any property type. For decades, MHCs have outperformed other real estate sectors. With the highest long-term NOI growth projections of any property type, MHCs are well positioned to outperform for the foreseeable future. As more and more institutional investors turn to MHCs for returns, industry leaders predict a compression of CAP rates, which will drive increase sales prices and returns for investors. 

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Suncrest Capital acquires and operates mobile home parks

Mobile home parks allow us to deliver strong returns to our investors while uplifting the country's most vulnerable by providing a safe, clean, and affordable place to live.  Send us a message to find out how we can partner to grow your investment portfolio!

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