Impressive Annual Returns for Investors Without Raising MHP Rent

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How Suncrest Provides Affordable Housing While Delivering High Returns: Transcript

One thing that I get asked a lot is how can you provide me with 10%, 15%, or 20% annualized returns as an investor without increasing rents on these community residents. And the reality is we’re able to do that all the time because with our communities we’re buying communities that maybe have space for 100 homes, but they only have 40 or 50 in those communities. So by increasing the occupancy of homes from 40 to 100, even if we keep lot rent the exact same amount the whole time, you’re doubling the value of that park overnight just from that expansion. So the way I like to equate this is if you were to buy a four-story apartment complex, and then add two more stories to it, that’s the equivalent of what we’re able to do in a lot of these mobile home communities just by adding more units. So while we keep the costs the same for residents, we’re able to still provide amazing returns for our investors to help us make that possible. 

Suncrest Capital Yields Impressive Returns From Ethical Investments

At Suncrest Capital, we prioritize making ethical investments ensuring that the choices we make benefit both our investors and the residents of the communities we serve. We consider it a true win only when both parties are content.

Our formula has proven effective in nearly 20 communities and that number continues to grow with the support from investors like you.

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