Renovating Mobile Home Parks for Quality Housing

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Suncrest Takes Homes from a Neglected House to a Home You’d Be Proud to Live In: Transcript

We get a lot of enjoyment out of taking something that's been neglected or hasn't been taken care of for a long time, be it the entire community itself or an individual manufactured home. We gut it; it needs to be totally renovated. And we put resources time, energy, and a lot of love into those homes. And what we tell our contractors that are working on those is: “Is this a home that you would want to live in?” And that's the type of quality that we want to see out of it. Because we want people coming in and having a wow factor. There are 1000s and 1000s of vacant manufactured homes all over the country, and even more vacant lots so if we can increase the supply of those housing options for people, then it's a win for us as a company and for the community at large as well.

Suncrest Capital Renovates Mobile Home Parks for Sound Investments

With opportunities available in the form of thousands of vacancies nationwide, we thrive on revitalizing neglected spaces and homes. We are dedicated to supplying the much-needed attribute of quality to affordable housing.

Invest with Suncrest Capital to gain impressive returns while helping fight the US Housing Crisis.

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