Which is the Best Investment?: Mobile Home Park Vs. Apartment Complex

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Suncrest - Better Living in Mobile Homes vs. Classy Apartment: Transcript

The agency financing and the way the government has supported financing and supported affordable housing have brought a lot of new investors in this space. They have come in with new income to improve the quality of life–to get rid of the trailer park moniker–that will eventually lead to further development because there’s just a lack of supply for the new investors.

I think it’s huge because right now we’re still living with the same stigma the trailer parks have had in the past. We don’t call them trailer parks anymore, but they just had a bad stigma based on the way they’ve been run and kind of neglected as a second business from less sophisticated operators.

I’d make the argument that it’s a better living situation than a classic apartment because you have no shared walls, you’d have your own yard, you have your own driveway, so it’s just a much better living situation than you would in a dilapidated, classic apartment. So we see mobile home parks as a really good solution for affordable housing across the country.


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