We Smash Mobile Home Park Stereotypes

by Beautifully Upgrading Communities 

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Suncrest is Fighting Misconceptions About Mobile Home Parks/Communities Transcript

The biggest thing that I’d like people to know about what we’re attempting to do - and we are doing - with Suncrest, is preserving affordable housing and increasing the opportunity for people to live in a community that we’re creating.

There are a lot of preconceptions that depict mobile home communities in a negative light or tend to make fun of them. When the kids that are living in our communities get picked up on the school bus or they get dropped off after school in our communities, we want them to be proud of where they live and that means we work hard to make it as beautiful a community as possible - aesthetically pleasing and definitely safe for families - so that they're feeling good about where they live. So we talk about that school bus test pretty frequently. Are we getting close to that? Are we there yet?

So I think that the conception or preconceptions that people may have, and I had them honestly before I started this work, with the stereotypes about manufactured home communities, they have been broken. That's because I’ve been able to educate myself and see firsthand how beautiful these communities can become and what an awesome opportunity it is to provide this type of housing for people who need it.


Elevated Living Standards Benefit Both Investors and Residents

Focused on continual improvement, Suncrest Capital strives to enhance the living standards in every community we work with.

Our commitment to elevated living standards in mobile home parks smashes prior stigmas to benefit both our investors and residents.  We work together to build generational wealth through manufactured home park upgrades and development. To join our cause, contact us today or click through to our video that compares mobile homes and apartments to learn more about our mission.