Suncrest Capital Investment Partnership Goals

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Suncrest Capital - Who are We, How We Started, and Where We are Going Transcript

Suncrest Capital started about two and a half years ago. We have a mixture of manufactured home communities. One example is a community like this that has large lots it's a beautiful area to live in - very scenic. Really, it's workforce housing.

We need affordable places to live for those who are working in the local communities so they can have a higher quality of life and enjoy the cities that they're working in. We've had communities where there's just like a lot of rundown homes and infrastructure issues that we've improved. Some of our parks have swimming pools, clubhouses, offices, and things like that because we are about community and we give our investors an opportunity to partner with us in improving these communities.

We provide excellent returns, our underwriting models are very conservative for our investors, and most of our projects are a 10-year hold so they are long-term investment holds. Our investors typically will get their initial investment back through a refinancing event in three to five years that they could choose to reinvest with us or with somebody else. Either way, they still get returns after that up to the 10 years before we make a decision if we're going to refinance and keep or sell the property or portfolio to somebody else.

Suncrest Capital Investor

We pride ourselves on improving each of our communities to provide quality living for our residents. Everything we do is for community, for our investors, and our residents!

We appreciate each and everyone of our investors through their partnership with us to help us enhance each of our communities, while building generational wealth. Contact us to get started or click through to our next investor video to find out how we foster communities our residents are proud to live in.