Invest to Build a Brighter Future in Mobile Home Communities

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Suncrest Communities, Where We Are Now and Where We Want to Go: Transcript

At this point, Suncrest owns and operates over 13 mobile home communities with several more under contract. By the end of the summer, we’ll have over 20 different mobile home communities– mostly in the Midwest.

The types of communities we love to buy are the communities that are maybe underrepresented, have a little bit less curb appeal, and are things we can come in and really transform. Some of the communities that we have in the Springfield area for example are exactly that– they have a little more tear on them, the homes are a little older, quite a bit older really.

Some of the things we like to do are come in and remove any of the dilapidated homes that are beyond repair. We try to reestablish hope in the community by assuring them that these are communities we want to invest in, and at the end of the day want them to be proud to live in. We infuse investments by redoing sewer infrastructure that's been outdated, and making sure we’re providing clean water to residents and that they can take showers and run the faucet at the same time. Then overall we make it someplace beautiful where anyone would want to live and feel safe to let their kids play in the street.


Reimagining Affordable Living in the Midwest

Suncrest Properties isn't just about owning mobile home parks; it's about transforming lives. Each revitalized mobile home community offers a sense of pride, improves resident wellbeing, and creates aesthetic spaces where families love to live.

Join us today in our mission to reimagine affordable living in the Midwest and build a brighter future for generations to come.