Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Real estate crowdfunding is not a new phenomenon. If anything, it’s been an excellent way for passive real estate investors to get their money’s worth. All they do is rely on experienced real estate investors to work out the numbers, put the work in, and share the spoils. Sounds great! Even so, with so much money changing hands, there’s always the issue of trust. How can you TRUST that the company you send money to will do what it intends to in your agreement? Is there any way to track your finances once you place a payment? Or, are you left at the mercy of the company’s management? If these and other questions have crossed your mind, you will be excited about Verivest!

So, what is Verivest?
We have all heard of the various ways to make money – invest in stocks and bonds, start a business, invest in your passion, etc. One that stands out and continues to be at the forefront of all investments is real estate. As much as most people would like to get their foot into the industry, it’s not always easy. After all, how many people have the extra thousands of dollars to place a deposit? Or, how many people have the time to research possible investment opportunities and follow up on them? Not many – that’s why crowdfunding has grown exponentially over the past few decades.

Real estate companies, like Suncrest Capital, mobilize resources from passive investors and pair them with real estate investments with high ROIs. Suncrest Capital focuses on acquiring and repositioning mobile home communities by infilling them and offering them to the market at reasonable lot rents. Once these mobile home communities stabilize, they then generate cash flow which pays off the initial capital and interest rate, paving the way for profits. The value increments in mobile home communities are so high that refinancing these communities and investing in similar spaces is often easier over time. As a passive investor, all you do is sit back and watch the bonus depreciation work in your favor as you look forward to recouping and capitalizing on your contribution. Of course, this is only possible if the investment company uses the funds as advertised and holds up their end of the bargain. Without this, you would be sinking money.

Nevertheless, that’s where Verivest comes in! This Portland-based real estate technology has been in the industry since 2013. Its main role? To help passive investors like yourself keep track of your funds. You get to know if they are being used as advertised and can raise concerns if you think otherwise. How does that sound? It gets better! With Verivest, you can work directly with the investment company instead of through a third-party crowdfunding site. Meaning, you can skip the extra charges and move directly to securing a contract with an investment company (the sponsor). The sponsor pays a membership fee that enables them to remain on the platform, where interested investors can reach them.

Verivest investigates a company’s past transactions, if their financials make sense, and if the submitted details check out. They leave no stones unturned, and you can rest assured that if there are any skeletons in the closet, they will find them.

How Verivest Works
Are you curious about this neutral third-party that could make a difference between signing up for a fake or good deal? Here’s what it does for you as the investor:

Factoring in Due Diligence
You cannot invest in the real estate industry without practicing due diligence. While it would be great if the industry was not marred with cons, that is hardly the case. There’s always someone out to con you of your hard-earned money. With the kind of cash changing hands in real estate, such a transaction would be sure to take its toll. So, what if someone took this work off your hands and verified an investment company on your behalf? That’s what Verivest does!

All the controlling principals in the verified investment companies are free of any personal or business bankruptcy petitions in the last 7 years. They also have not been convicted of any fraud or similar allegations by previous investors in their company- nor have they faced any regulatory sanctions or felony criminal convictions. Moreover, they must agree to and sign the Verivest Code of Conduct.

With this increased confidence in an investment company, you can now focus on the actual returns because you know you’ve mitigated the financial risks.

Verifying The Facts
Many investment companies lure more investors by showcasing their success stories. They splash financial reports all over their website and have videos detailing how much they made in the last quarter or year. Most of these figures look good and are enough to have you reaching into your pocket. However, are they real?

Verivest digs into investment companies by running background checks on them and their principals. It also investigates the actual managed capital in the companies by confirming the amounts contributed to the companies. After all, you want to ensure that what’s on paper is what’s on the ground. The platform also goes into the number of assets in a company’s name by searching public records to confirm what the investment companies claim.
Are you curious if an investment company has inflated its track record? Verivest also dives into this and will show you the actual performance metrics based on its calculations from public records. It also ensures that the listed service providers check out and that the investment company has previously engaged with them.

Most importantly, it monitors the use of investor funds by collecting finance information from investment companies quarterly. This way, it keeps an eye on the funds to ensure that they are used appropriately.

How Does Our Verification Help You?
It’s all about TRUST. We know all too well that in private real estate investments, investors don’t have much to go on other than trust. You hope that a company will be honest and ethical in its transactions, but there’s often little to ensure this. We want you to feel confident when investing with us, hence our partnership with Verivest. Now that you know that we have a neutral third-party holding us accountable, the dark veil that often shrouds private real estate transactions will be lifted.
To learn more about Verivest and check out our profile, please click on this link. We look forward to working with you!

About Suncrest Capital
Founded in Boise, Idaho in 2020, Suncrest Capital is passionate about building generational wealth for investors and their families. Suncrest focuses on mobile home communities to enhance the lives of residents by improving the quality of the communities, adding additional homes, and technology. Through these strategies, Suncrest can dramatically increase the value of the community without impacting the cash flow of current residents. Suncrest currently owns and operates 13 communities, located primarily in Idaho and the Midwest.
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