March 22, 2024
Beyond Affordability: Building Resident Loyalty & Investment Stability with Suncrest Capital
Manufactured home park

Affordable housing is getting harder and harder to come by for many hard-working Americans, but it should never come at the expense of a safe and vibrant community. Suncrest Capital recognizes the struggle to find a decent place to live. That’s why we build beautiful, amenity-rich communities that offer stable and affordable rents. Our focus on developing quality mobile home communities promotes loyalty in our residents and goes hand in hand with investment stability, creating a win-win situation for both our residents and our investors.
Investments Transform Manufactured Home Parks, One Step at a Time:

Some communities might require more TLC. Our investment partners allow us to take on the challenge of revitalizing mobile home communities that may have fallen into disrepair. We address infrastructure issues, upgrade amenities, and invest in creating a more welcoming environment. This could include anything from sparkling swimming pools and community clubhouses to well-maintained grounds and efficient office spaces. Our focus on community extends beyond aesthetics; we foster a sense of belonging and connection among residents.

Our focus on community extends beyond aesthetics; we foster a sense of belonging and connection among residents through events and resident support services. Happy residents are more likely to stay long-term, reducing vacancy rates and creating stability for our investors. Lower vacancy rates translate to consistent income streams, a crucial factor for any investment strategy.

Investment Stability: The Suncrest Capital Advantage

At Suncrest Capital, we are as passionate about our investors' success as we are about resident well-being.  We offer:

  • Excellent Returns: Our investment strategies are designed to deliver strong returns for our partners.
  • Conservative Underwriting Models: We take a cautious approach to minimize risk and ensure the long-term viability of our investments.
  • Long-Term Holds: Most of our projects are held for 10 years, providing a stable and predictable income stream for investors.
  • Building Equity and Flexibility: Investors recoup their initial investment within 3-5 years through refinancing, with the flexibility to reinvest with Suncrest or pursue other opportunities. Importantly, they continue to receive returns throughout the remaining holding period.

The Decision Point: Refinance, Hold, or Sell?

At the 10-year mark, we strategically evaluate each property or portfolio.  We consider market conditions, potential for further appreciation, and overall investment goals. We then partner with our investors to determine the optimal course of action,  whether it's refinancing and holding the property for continued income, or selling the property or portfolio to capitalize on its increased value.

A Shift in the Landscape: New Investors, Renewed Focus

The landscape of affordable housing is changing. Government support and innovative financing models are attracting new investors to the manufactured housing sector. These investors bring not only fresh capital but also a renewed focus on improving the quality of life for residents. This shift is crucial as it dismantles the outdated "trailer park" stigma and paves the way for sustainable development in a market facing an undeniable lack of supply.

Breaking Free from the Stigma: Redefining Manufactured Housing

Let's be honest, the term "trailer park" evokes negative connotations – poorly maintained properties, transient communities, and a lack of amenities.  This stigma, however, is a relic of the past.  Manufactured homes have come a long way, offering modern designs, energy efficiency, and spacious living conditions that rival traditional single-family homes.  However, the negative perception persists, often stemming from neglect and a lack of investment in these communities by previous owners.

We see things differently. We believe manufactured housing communities offer a superior living experience compared to many traditional apartments. Residents enjoy the privacy of no shared walls, their own yards for outdoor living, and driveways for off-street parking.   This translates to a quieter, more relaxed living environment for residents compared to some rundown apartment buildings.

As a result, Suncrest Capital is a strong proponent of manufactured housing as a viable solution for affordable housing across the country.  We are committed to revitalizing these communities, not just for the financial benefits it brings to investors, but for the positive impact it has on residents' lives.

Investor Returns & Resident Well-being: A Sustainable Partnership

One of the most common questions we receive is: "How can you generate significant returns for investors without raising rents for residents?" The answer lies in a strategic approach to community improvement.

Many of the communities we acquire have the capacity for significantly more homes than they currently occupy.  For example, a community with space for 85 homes might only have half of those spots filled.  Suncrest Capital focuses on increasing occupancy rates by attracting residents through community upgrades, infrastructure improvements, and resident-centric amenities.  By filling those vacant lots, we double the value of the community overnight – all without increasing rent for existing residents.

Think of an orchard with empty plots of land. Suncrest Capital acts as a skilled gardener, planting new trees (residents) in these empty plots, to maximize a bountiful harvest (increased value) for all. Just like the orchard, every year the long-term growth potential of the investment in mobile home communities increases.

Suncrest Capital Yields Impressive Returns From Ethical Investments

At Suncrest Capital, ethical investments are our cornerstone. We firmly believe that the success of our investors is intertwined with the well-being of our residents.  A happy and secure resident population translates to a stable and profitable community.  This commitment to ethical investing has proven successful in our roughly 20 communities nationwide, and we are excited to expand our footprint with the support of like-minded investors.

Suncrest Capital offers a compelling proposition: an opportunity to invest in a growing, essential asset class while making a positive impact on the lives of working families and individuals. 

We believe in the power of community development as a driver of investment returns and resident loyalty. By joining forces with Suncrest Capital, you can contribute to a future where affordable housing is not just attainable, but also a place to call home, fostering a sense of pride, belonging, and a high quality of life for all residents.

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